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Owner of LMM Sweets LLC 


First off, thank YOU in advance for supporting my small business. I am just a mom working hard to support my family. I absolutely LOVE to bake, prior to converting my baking business into a "Baking Supplies" business; I used to be a full time baker.

In summary, "Life threw me a curve ball and I didn't let it strike me out".

After utilizing SO MANY products throughout my 15+ Years of baking, I know it is difficult to find quality products that will last us YEARS and that won't cost us too much $. I've managed to try SO MANY products and after several years I know which ones are worth the "HYPE". I wanted to remain in the baking industry and thought, why not offer others' all of my favorites in one place. So here I am giving you everything I LOVE and have used for YEARS under one roof!


Here is a snippet of my persona:


"I am a first time mom of my beautiful baby girl, I prayed for her for over 8years until I was blessed in 2020. I am a 2x cancer survivor and conceiving was a very difficult journey for me. Today I am an extremely happy and grateful mother and wife; baking away in the kitchen for my family and pursuing a dream I had since I was only 18 years old. To be part of the Baking Industry, an industry that brings so many of us happiness & joy. I am very passionate about what I do.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


I look forward to helping you create something magical for your customers by providing you with some of the absolute best products!

If customized/branded packaging is something you've dreamt of having for your business, feel free to send over an inquiry for more information.



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