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Looking for an alternative to disposable paper towels?


These reusable towels are made from cellulose (plant fibers) a sustainable and renewable resource. Super-strong, highly absorbent, made with cotton and wood pulp, biodegradable (in your home compost).


I personally use them to keep my scribe and the tip of my piping bag clean, while decorating cookies. I hand wash mines with some Dawn soap for longevity (the washing machine is a lot rougher on them).


These are super common in Europe and the materials are from Germany.


A great sponge and paper towel alternative (2 pcs replaces approx. 15 rolls of paper towels!)


Each lint-free towel measures approx. 6.75 x 7.75 inches.

Eco Friendly Cellulose Towels (2pcs)

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