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Tipless piping bags perfect for cookie decorating, buttercream, macaron baking, soap crafting, fillings of all types; even for your chocolate needs.


They can be microwaved in 30 second intervals so that you can melt your chocolate right in the bag.


They can also be heat sealed. I’ve heat sealed them to store my buttercream, fillings and chocolate, specially when you are working with large orders and time is of the essence. ;-)


Both the small and medium bags are disposable so you don't have to worry about storing them for the future or cleaning them between uses. BUT they can be cleaned and reused - I’ve cleaned and reused them myself. The quality is the absolute best in the market.


Whether you're a professional baker or just getting started in the kitchen, these disposable piping bags are the perfect choice for all your decorating needs!



Small: Approx. 10 inches in length

Medium: Approx. 12 inches in length

[Medium bags can fit significantly more product than the small bags]


100 bags per pack

Piping Bags

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