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Some common uses for the dot tool includes:

  • Dry dusting cheeks
  • Creating polka dots or eyes  with edible paint without having to pull out the airbrush
  • Dot brushes are fragile- use care when cleaning. Best way to clean is by using some mild dish soap and squeezing (not rubbing or tearing) the tip until the water runs relatively clear. Squeeze all water out during your final rinse. Sponge may stain a little since it's white and porous: this is very normal!
  • Contains silicone, latex, metals, plastic & wood


Make sure to maintain your brushes by cleaning them after each use to extend their life. We recommend cleaning after every order.


Be sure to also grab Eco-Towels - the absolute best towels for decorating.


Lisa from "Borderlands Bakery" first introduced the dot tool to the cookie community in 2019.

Dot Brush - Food Safe (2pcs)

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  • Use caution and wash immediately if using Poppy Paints. Can cause damage to bristles.

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